Corona Visualization Plug-in for WMP

Corona Visualization Plug-in for WMP 1.0

Corona is a pretty nice Windows Media Player visualization plugin
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Richard Asbury

Corona Visualization Plug-in for WMP, as the name suggests, is a nice little plugin that works very well with Microsoft Windows Media Player. It is very much different from the default visualizations in Windows Media Player because it is based on a glowing particle storm effect. Corona Visualization works best with the Windows based operating systems mainly on Windows XP. The visualization is very soothing to human eyes as it is completely synchronized with the music beats. Swirls and glowing flame effects go very well with the song. Corona Visualization Plug-in contains two different visualizations: one is 'Corona' and the other one is 'Blaze'. You can select anyone from these two according to your will. The installation is very smooth and as soon as it is installed it is automatically added to the visualization menu from where you can use it. The visualization, based on the song playing in the background, changes randomly. I will recommend it to all WMP users out there, just add this to your WMP visualization list.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Nice and cool effects


  • Can't be customized
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